The purpose of the Eastern Market Metro Community Association is to promote the civic interests and enhance the quality of life of residents of the District of Columbia, especially within the neighborhood surrounding the Eastern Market Metro. This includes preserving the historic, architectural and aesthetic value of property and objects within the Eastern Market Metro neighborhood and presenting to government, public, private, and other organizations, the views of EMMCA’s Membership.

Our officers



Our Members

EMMCA boundaries

Anyone living within the area bounded by Fifth Street, SE to Twelfth Street, SE and G Street, SE to Independence Avenue, SE is welcome to become an active EMMCA member. There is no membership fee and other than proximity to Eastern Market, the only requirement is an interest in the quality of life in our neighborhood. Click on the EMMCA Members link and submit your name, residence address, and email address.

Anyone else may join as an EMMCA Pal, and receive messages and notices from the President, but may not vote on EMMCA resolutions.   If you do not meet the criteria for EMMCA membership but would like to join as an EMMCA Pal, email your request to Barbara Riehle at barbara@erols.com

3 responses to “About

  1. Please subscribe me to your newsletter. Thanks.

    I’m also writing to become an EMMCA Pal.

  2. Diana Winthrop

    I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. I am working for the creation of a small memorial park called Kim’s Garden near Eastern Market.

  3. As a longtime former Capitol Hill resident, and businessman,23 years, along with my late brother, Ted Gay, and as the husband of the late Anne Chambers “Robbie” Gay, PhD,, former early childhood education teacher, St. Peter Elementary School; a major player in the formation of the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools; former Principal, Janney Elementary School; former Assistant Superintendent for Special Education, DCPS, and at the time of her untimely death, co-founder, Executive Director, District of Columbia Association of Special Education [DCASE.org], and President, Board, St. Colletta Charter School, I wish to re-join my many former neighbors, friends, and colleagues, and subscribe to your newsletter. Thank You, Donovan Gay, Bethesda,MD donovangy@aol.com.

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